Exclusive reward

Join The Sandbox and Win a Limited Edition Avatar NFT

The Sandbox is a vibrant, user-generated platform that revolutionizes the gaming world by leveraging blockchain technology. It empowers creators and players to build, own, and monetize their unique voxel-based virtual experiences. At its core, The Sandbox is an expansive ecosystem that fosters creativity and collaboration, allowing users to shape the metaverse with immersive games and experiences, socialize in a vast digital landscape, and engage with a variety of NFTs and digital assets.

As an extension of its immersive virtual universe, The Sandbox is now offering a unique reward through Rewardable. Participants have the chance to win an exclusive Sandbox Limited Edition Avatar NFT, a digital collectible that represents a creative identity and is playable within The Sandbox metaverse. To qualify for this reward, users are required to engage with The Sandbox by completing the below tasks, including joining and actively playing within The Sandbox metaverse through the below links.

Reward details

Entry start date19/11/2023

Entry end date1/6/2024

Reward pool25

Reward typeNFT

Est. value per reward$50

Reward eligibility

Minimum age18+

KYC requiredNo

How to get The Sandbox NFT:

  1. Log In or Sign Up to Rewardable
  2. Complete ALL tasks below to get this reward.

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