Exclusive reward

Enter Superworld and Claim a Virtual Land NFT

Superworld is an avant-garde digital platform that seamlessly merges the realms of virtual and reality, enabling users to acquire, trade, and monetize NFT-based virtual real estate in the metaverse. Built on a robust infrastructure, Superworld offers a transformative experience where tangible real-world locations have their distinct virtual counterparts. With its commitment to fostering a dynamic community, Superworld stands as a testament to the possibilities of combining spatial technology with blockchain, setting the benchmark for the future of digital real estate and interactive experiences.

In our mission to grow our dynamic community, we are excited to announce a unique chance for eligible members to receive a special gift. We are distributing 10,000 NFTs, each valued at approximately $45 and representing a plot of land in Superworld, to eligible Rewardable participants. 

Reward details

Entry start date1/10/2023

Entry end date1/6/2024

Reward pool10000

Reward typeMetaverse NFT

Est. value per reward$60

Reward eligibility

Minimum age18+

KYC requiredNo

How to get the Claim your Superworld NFT:

  1. Log In or Sign Up to Rewardable
  2. Complete ALL tasks below to get this reward.

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