Rewardable Genesis Member Pass

Rewardable Genesis Member Pass
Introducing the Rewardable Genesis Member Pass, a VIP experience unlocked by a collection of 10,000 membership NFTs that offer a range of functions and exclusive benefits for its holders.

Reward details

Entry start date1/10/2023

Entry end date1/1/2024

Reward pool10000

Reward typeNFT

Est. value per rewardTBA

Reward eligibility

Eligible countriesUSA, ARE, AUT

Minimum age18+

KYC requiredNo

  1. Enter the giveaway below by providing your name and email address.
  2. Complete as many tasks as possible to increase your chances of winning; each completed task adds another opportunity for you to win.
  3. Share the referral link to invite others and climb up the leaderboard.
  4. The top 10% of the leaderboard will secure guaranteed rewards, while the remaining passes will be randomly distributed among all qualifying participants.

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