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Pop Art Animation Cels

Naftos is a pioneering NFT and Metaverse Specialty Company, dedicated to revolutionizing brand engagement and loyalty through the utilization of customized multimedia NFTs. With an adept leadership team encompassing specialists from licensing, marketing, consumer products, digital consulting, and cryptocurrency domains, Naftos provides a holistic platform for individuals to buy, collect, and trade NFTs within a vibrant community of enthusiasts. Beyond its innovative offerings, the company stands out for its eco-conscious approach, harnessing an environmentally-friendly blockchain technology and advocating sustainable practices, underscoring its commitment to both innovation and global responsibility.

Rewardable is thrilled to introduce you to this realm, offering limited edition collectible Batman, Scooby Doo, and Looney Tunes artworks. Become part of a community that celebrates brands, art, and eco-consciousness.

Reward details

Entry start date1/10/2023

Entry end date1/1/2024

Reward pool10000

Reward typeGovernance Token

Est. value per rewardTBA

Reward eligibility

Eligible countriesUS

Minimum age18+

KYC requiredNo

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